The Best Free Standing Punching Bag On The Market (2017 Review)

After putting in countless hours of research, checking out many freestanding punching bags from more than half a dozen brands, and reaching out for other gym's opinions, I've narrowed down my favourites to the 5 free standing bags below.


The Top Picks

1) Century Fitness B.O.B - Body Opponent Bag

The BOB freestanding bag from Century Fitness is cut out for realistic training. It is a great departure from other bags in its class in the way that it allows you to target specific areas of the body rather than throwing punches blindly.

It weighs in at 270 pounds when full of water or sand.

Comes with a limited warranty.


  • Made of stiff Plastisol, BOB puts up strong resistance.
  • Easy to set up: put it on the base, tighten it up, throw some water into it, and off you go.
  • It has a good height adjustable mechanism with a working range of 60 inches to 78 inches.
  • You could target whatever part of the body you want- land blows on its torso, throw some uppercuts to the nose, or get closer and perform chokes.


  • An open-back design means that you cannot work it from the back.
  • Some users complained that the B.O.B shifted and shimmied when being used, and that the bolts were coming loose easily.


Overall, it is a very good bag for someone who needs to work on their accuracy more than striking power and technique. The B.O.B more than pays for itself- it brings fun and enthusiasm back to practice.

2) Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

This sturdy freestanding punching bag from Century is made of various bands of multi-layered foam interior and a rugged, durable vinyl covering.

Standing at 69 inches tall with an 18-inch diameter base, this training bag makes it possible to have a complete 360 degree workout around the base.

It is approximately 270 pounds when filled with sand or water.

The Wavemaster XXL comes in red, black and blue.


  • Easy to put together- pick up the stem and put it on the base. Fill the base. Keep tightening it up until you feel like it won't go any further. Voila.
  • Allows you to work it from different angles so you can circle around it and throw punches at it from any angle you want.
  • The plastic base is designed to help you get some extra work in, allowing you to do some nice core and bodyweight exercises like dips during your downtime
  • The base is small and lets you get closer to the bag. Also easily rolls for storage.


  • Lack of non-slip material makes its low-profile base a bit too wobbly especially when not filled to the brim.
  • The bag needs some tightening up every now and then. It comes off easily so you might have to twist it every now and then to get it locked in on the base.
  • Tends to move around easily so you may have to repeatedly circle around the bag to keep it towards the middle.
  • The quality of the outer vinyl covering isn't particularly great. A number of reviews stated that it tends to wear out and develop soft spots over time.


Overall, it's worth considering if you're not just yet ready for heavy bag training. It's portable, versatile and lets you get more use out of it.

3) Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag

Made of heavy-duty foam with a thick durable outer layer, the Everlast freestanding punching bag claims to provide a great training experience with its impressive energy dispersion, impact absorption and recoil properties. Approximately 250 lbs when full.


  • It may be smaller than its rivals but it's really effective for a number of different drills from light jabs to rolling punches to intense kicks.
  • It has a lot of features to offer at this price point, which makes this Everlast bag one of the best freestanding bags in the market.
  • The material is quite soft and non-abrasive so you need not have to wear gloves for protection. This helps improve your fist power and endurance for those bare-knuckle bouts.
  • Provides good energy dispersion which means reduced strain even while throwing some hard punches.
  • With an adjustable height setting that runs from 52 inches to 65 inches, the bag makes it easier to get more out of training.


  • Not that easy to put together.
  • The post joining the bag and the base is made of cheap plastic, giving this equipment an extremely chintzy feel and look.
  • Moves around a lot unless anchored against a stationary object.
  • Becomes kind of unstable when extended to its highest height setting.
  • Although it's great for speed and striking accuracy, it may not be suitable for powerful blows and spinning kicks.


Overall, it is a good choice if you're looking for a punching bag that allows you to develop time, speed and coordination skills. Maybe not so good if you're after a heavy duty bag that puts up resistance and handles abuse.

4) Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

Perhaps one of the oldest punching bags in the market, The Original Wavemaster from Century is in a class of its own. Constructed of high density vinyl fabric, the bag provides good resistance and rebound action, helping you take your drills and workouts to the next level.

The Orginial Wavemaster comes in black and blue.


  • Its heavy duty construction means it will last longer saving you more money in the long run.
  • It has a good feel to it and takes a real beating.
  • The height adjustable mechanism (47” to 68”: 21 inches in 7 small increments of 3 inches) gives you more flexibility, allowing you to improve your range of attack.


  • It can get a bit too noisy at times.
  • The wide base makes it difficult to get close to the bag. Such restriction of movement could adversely impact your footwork. The base is quite wobbly, as well.
  • Moves a bit too easily no matter whether it’s filled with sand or water. You might want to stand it in a corner and strap it to a stationary object.


Overall, some hits and some misses. But this Century freestanding punching bag is definitely worth checking out.

5) Century Versys Fight Simulator (with 10184B Base)

The Century Versys Fight Simulator is advertised as a multipurpose fight training system that brings the best of both worlds: it combines the features of a bog-standard freestanding punching bag with a ground grappling dummy. Weighs approximately 100 pounds when filled to capacity.


  • Unlike other punching bags with a chintzy plastic base, this bag has a special base made from vinyl.
  • Easy to pick up and move around.
  • Ideal for knee strikes and clinches (if you're into Muay Thai). Also suitable for flying running kicks, takedowns and grappling if you're into MMA.


  • It's easy to knock over. It might be a bit annoying to see it fall over every time you go hard at it.
  • Another strike against the Century Versys is that it tends to sway and bend a bit too far.
  • It might not be ideal to practice combos with but it's more than helpful especially if you're working on honing one technique at a time.
  • The sand filling in the base is barely even so it won’t stand up straight.


With more misses than hits, it seems to be a bit too costly for what it provides. A decent entry-level option, best for those who’re new to training.

Judges Decision

So, there you go. Every bag in this roundup has its fair share of pros and cons. But what makes the B.O.B the best freestanding punching bag of its kind is that it adds a whole new dimension to your training- at no extra cost.

Out of all the freestanding bags we examined, it was the easiest to set up and the most durable, and, the best part is that it is as close as it gets to running up against a real opponent.

You can find the Century B.O.B here

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