The Best 100lb Heavy Punching Bags (2018 Review)

Looking for the best punching bag? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed the top 100lb hanging heavy bags and narrowed it down to the top four. You can’t go wrong with any of the four products, but we’ve ranked them in order and rated their quality and padding so you can make the best choice for your training preferences.

Read on to see our ratings and a description of each bag.


The Top Picks

1) Outslayer – 100lb Heavy Punching Bag

This 100lb heavy punching bag produced by Outslayer is outstanding quality & outstanding value for money, with a ten-year warranty included as standard, it’s also made in the USA. It’s a heavy punching bag ideal for boxing, as well as MMA and most martial arts or even just routine fitness exercising.

The outer layer is vinyl nylon which is a lot tougher than canvas and a lot more resilient to scratches and tears. The filling inside the bag is high quality cloth, which means no lumping at the bottom of the bag! (This sometimes happens when the bag is filled with sand or grain) – the bag will keep the same consistent structure for its entire life. You can also add more cloth up to 300lb should you want a heavier bag in the future.

The bag is also designed with heavy duty straps already sewn onto the bag so you don’t need to buy any extra chains.

Along with the bag you get a heavy duty reusable vinyl cover which is ideal when moving the bag or storing it away for safe keeping.

Size wise it is 12” in diameter and 55” in length.

Note: This bag also comes in an 80lb and 70lb version.

What’s also great about this bag is the customer service. Outslayer are exceptional with their service, alongside the 10-year warranty, they can customise the color of your bag, add a ‘D-ring’ to the bottom of your bag and fast delivery, along with a money-back guarantee.


  • Unrivalled customer service.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Super tough outer layer made from vinyl nylon.
  • Inside padding is high quality cloth allowing for consistent bag structure - can also be expanded up to 300lb.
  • Also comes in a 70lb and 80lb version.


  • I'm not sure what this is lacking to be honest! Perhaps that the outer layer is not leather.


A ten year warranty makes this bag unbelievable value for money, and it's not like you would ever use it, as the quality of this bag is second-to-none. The padding is consistent throughout and the outer layer is solid. You really can't go wrong with this bag.

2) Ringside – Powerhide 100lb Heavy Punching Bag (Soft Filled)

The Ringside 'powerhide soft filled punching bag'. What does that mean? Powerhide is a synthetic material, so instead of leather the outer layer is synthetic. In this case, it’s not a bad thing at all, you can use it outdoors as well as indoors.

Soft filled means just under the surface is two inches of soft foam, with the rest of the filling being cloth (fiber), this allows for a softer feel when punching, which is great, it reduces muscle strain and damage to your hands, knuckles, wrists and shoulders and feels more like sparring with an opponent and it won’t clump together or fall to the bottom of the bag like other bags.

Stitching wise, it’s perfect, no complaints there.

The powerhide surface can be a little slippery, but you soon get used to it and it actually promotes correct form when punching and it’s very satisfying when you land a good punch. However it also comes in leather if you prefer.

A chain a swivel is included with the bag and it has a D ring on the bottom. 

Dimensions are 14” x 42”.

Note: There are also different weight sizes, including 65lb.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Soft foam layer just behind the outside layer allow for a great soft feel when punching.
  • Quality cloth filling.
  • Come with a chain and swivel for hanging.
  • D-ring on the bottom of the bag.


  • Takes a while to get used to the slippery surface of the powerhide outer layer (but you can purchase leather instead if you wanted).


A great bag overall, with excellent padding provided by the the layer of soft foam. Great for people prone to hand injuries or people who just don't want to risk hand damage. Worth checking out.

3) Title – 100lb Sculpted Thermo Foam Heavy Bag

Hailed as ‘revolutionary’ by Title, it might just be that, revolutionary. This bag has an outer layer of foam sections that are strategically placed to create ‘air release’ channels, which disperses punch energy better than regular bags, meaning it absorbs punches better, which reduces strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders as well as feeling quite comfortable when landing a punch.

Aside from the foam sections, the outer layer is synthetic leather. Inside the bag is a layer of soft foam allowing for better force dispersion and cushioning when landing punches.

Essentially it’s designed to absorb punches better than regular bags, which means less feedback from the bag, reducing muscle train and risk of injury, allowing you to train for longer and get in those extra few power shots.

This is designed for all skill levels and also comes in a 70lb version.


  • New technology outer layer disperses energy much better than regular bags and therefore reduces hand strain quite considerably.
  • Inner foam layer providing a greater level of hand protection.
  • Solid construction, providing a high quality bag.
  • ​Also comes in a 70lb version.
  • Looks very cool.


  • Marginally on the expensive side.
  • Not a consistently smooth outer layer so you have to focus a bit more on where you want to land punches so you don't hit the gaps between padded sections.


A great bag incorporating technology to increase the protection provided via better energy dispersion after punching. The bag is well built and looks quite futuristic which is pretty cool.

4) Everlast – 100lb C3 Foam Heavy Bag

This Everlast bag is miles ahead of your typical Everlast bag, which aren’t known for their super high quality.

This bag however, is intended to last. It has a ‘Contoured Closed Cell Foam Technology’ filling, (which gives the C3 name), which means it’s designed to provide an increase in cushioning and support when punching as well better force dispersion for stronger punches.

The closed cell technology also prevents moisture transfer within the padding and so keeps your gloves dry, (gloves can become heavier if they absorb a lot of moisture).

This filling consists of ‘natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand’. Translated, this means it is cloth mixed with fine sand, so not a bad mix, and definitely not bad quality. Feedback from users is that it doesn’t settle as much as other Everlast bags.

​The bag lining is made of polycanvas so it’s fairly durable, and has heavy duty nylon straps with double-end loops for anchoring.

​This bag is ideal for the home, and caters for beginner to professional fighters.


  • Great protection through the layer of padding just under the outer layer.
  • Moisture absorbing technology keeps your gloves dry.
  • Can also purchase as a full kit with gloves & wraps.


  • Filling does contain sand, however it's mixed with cloth and so doesn't clump too much.
  • Stitching and straps are not the best quality.


A good bag, very good in fact. It's great value for money, coming in at a lower price than most bags. You may need to replace the bag after a few years depending on your training style, as the straps may weaken from intensive/power training.

Judges Decision

With a ten year warranty and a super high quality punching bag, what can go wrong? The Outslayer hanging bag wins this fight against some top quality competition.

You can find the Outslayer punching bag here.​

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