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Super Simple Boxing Combinations That Work

To ensure good boxing training, you must start with learning the basics and then move onto expert boxing combinations in order to learn efficiently.

Most people, when they start boxing, tend to mix multiple boxing combinations without proper practice, or they just start throwing punches blindly. Both are wrong.

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The Best MMA Gloves (2018 Review)

Looking for the best MMA gloves? From beginner to pro fighter, we've got you covered.

MMA gloves, otherwise known as martial arts training gloves are the single most important bit of gear for MMA. Make sure you get a pair if you are looking to get into MMA and definitely buy a decent pair if you are more than just a beginner!

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How to Punch Harder

So you're familiar with the basics of boxing? Or perhaps another martial art such as kick boxing or Muai Thai, but you need those extra gains to increase your punch power to continue getting better.

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The Best Boxing Headgear (2018 Popular Review)

Headgear, (or head guards) are essential for sparring in boxing, MMA, kickboxing, wrestling and many other combat sports. You normally won’t be able to spar without with, and rightly so. It is ridiculously dangerous to spar without headgear, and getting decent headgear is paramount other you won’t last long in the ring.

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