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Top 5 Brands To Look Out For In The Gym

There are some many sports brands available now the options to have a personal look are limitless, most people stick to the global leaders such as Nike and Adidas but what else is out there? This guide considers 5 of the top brands to look out for, it includes some well-known brands that have revamped their products and some ambitious brands ready to take sportswear to a new competitive level.


Most will have heard of Puma and seen their iconic emblem on their clothing, Puma offers a high level of sportswear that completes with the top brands around the world, with sponsor deals with the world’s greatest athletics such as Usain Bolt it’s hard to ignore Puma when they have new announcements and this out is exciting. The all-new Puma Jamming trainers are the latest launch from Puma, the unique design offers a new technology for cushioning and supporting the user’s feet. The Jamming trainer is ideal for road running, gym use and is built to list with the new clear midsole that adapts to your running style. The new Puma trainer is designed to compete with the Adidas boost and Asics Gel trainers offering high quality knit trainer.


Tracksmith is a personal favourite, if a gym goer isn’t looking to be covered in different brands and fitted tight clothing then this is a perfect substitute. Tracksmith is a running brand that offers the consumer comfortable fit garments and promotes an amateur style. Tracksmith’s ethos is to be proud of the spirit and fight that an amateur runner must become better and the style really works, their clothing is designed with a 1970’s/ 1980’s mindset but offers materials and advancements in clothing that the market has to offer today. Majority of the clothing is generously sized and boxier, rather than the current fitted market most sports brands stick to today for optimal performance.


One of the biggest companies in the running world, Asics are renowned for having amazing fit and comfort trainers to use even at a professional level. Asics also offer sports clothing but their latest releases are branching out to the sports leisure section, more jogging bottoms and leisure jumper and jackets will be available this year, the styles seen so far are a modern technical look that Asics have always been known for.


Totum-Fitness is an interesting label because their primary focus is to become the leading brand in CrossFit clothing. CrossFit exercising is becoming more popular because of the positive effects that the participants are receiving. CrossFit is an intense workout regime that will require a higher quality clothing to compete with, so customers are reassured with Totum fitness that their clothing will meet the standard they need. Totum Fitness offers a recognizable logo that matches with their simple design synchronizes perfectly.

Outdoor Voices

From the homepage of the website, any user will notice that Outdoor Voices chooses to promote both smaller and larger sized sportswear for every user. Outdoor Voices uses plus-sized models to help promote sizes and fits for everyone to feel comfortable in, it’s a brand focus on helping people achieve their goals and doesn’t cut anyone out of the process. The Brand doesn’t focus on adding logos to their product and all the garments have a subtle look, the majority of their clothes use natural colours and an artistic block colour design to add a small amount of detail. It’s a unique brand that caters to both men and women’s but does focus more on the ladies’ wear.

Author Bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that works closely with sports clothing. He enjoys researching and writing about health/ sports and how they can benefit everyone in day to day life.

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