Guide To Buying Boxing Shoes

You don't a lot of gear when it comes to boxing. Sure, you will need some safety equipment such as groin guard, gloves, mouthguards, and so on. Still, it's helpful to get a pair of boxing shoes.


They promise to make a world of difference. There are many different general categories to look at when choosing a shoe for boxing. If you want to find the right shoes, you need to determine what qualities you like best as well as going with a shoe that offers that.

So, we will give the ultimate guide to buying boxing shoes as well as some essential information related to boxing shoes. Keep reading this article to get some tips on choosing and buying good shoes.

Find the Right Boxing Shoe Pivot & Grip Control

The first important thing you want to look at in a pair of boxing shoes is the actual grip the shoes offer. Shoes range within a spectrum of pivot on one end and grip on the other end. 

However, any pair of boxing shoes will come with better pivot than running shoes, basketball shoes, and tennis shoes. If there is more pivot ability simply, there will be less resistance when turning your foot inward during punches.

Also, if it comes with more grip, your shoes will stick to the ground resisting movement.

Therefore, you will need both some grip and some pivot. It's really important to choose the shoes depending on your style of boxing as well as how the shoes feel on you.

Find the Right Sole Texture & Thickness

It's essential to pay attention to the texture and boxing sole thickness because they play the significant role in how your shoes feel.

In fact, there are many choices for you when it comes to sole thicknesses and textures.

You can get a bit more connection to the ground thanks to the sole thicknesses. Also, you can get more grip and minor control of your foot when wearing boxing shoes due to thinner soles.

In fact, thinner soles can tire your feet out more than thicker soles because of the better ability to control your foot.

Find the Right Boxing Shoe Height & Ankle Support

One of the most important things to consider when you buy boxing shoes is shoe height.

In fact, this will determine how the shoe ultimately feels when you use it.  The boxing shoe height makes the biggest difference on how much ankle support is offered as well as how they feel when you wear the shoes.

There are three different styles including low top, medium top, and high top. The preference of each person is different. We recommend you to get a pair of the medium top for more ankle freedom and support.

Find the Right Boxing Shoe Weight

When you buy a pair of boxing shoes, you also need to pay attention to the weight. Usually, all boxing shoes are fairly light. However, the more expensive ones are super light in order to offer faster feet.

The thickness of the shoe sole and the type of materials of the construction will decide the weight of the shoes.

If you choose lighter shoes, you can get quicker foot speed as well as more power when you punch. However heavier shoes give a better punching base.

Find the Right Boxing Shoe Foot Thickness

You also need to consider the shoe width when you buy boxing shoes. The fact is that some people have wide feet, and others have narrow feet. So, there are many different sizes in width. Avoid choosing a too firm boxing shoe if you have wide feet. Also, it can be bad to go for too loose or too narrow shoes because they can affect your overall balance.


Another factor to consider when it comes to boxing shoes is the comfort that your shoes offer for your feet. There are many different factors of boxing shoe comfort. They include properly sized, sole thickness & rigidity, shoe width matching your foot width, shoe height, as well as a type of material used inside the shoe. You should choose comfortable boxing shoes in order to enhance your boxing.

Boxing Shoe Shoe Quality & Cost

The last factor you have to think about is the shoe quality. It's better to invest in a quality pair of boxing shoes for a reasonable price. cheaper boxing shoes may not offer higher quality, lighter materials, and less durable than what you will get when investing in a more premium boxing shoe. 


So now you know pretty much all you need to know about how to buy the best boxing shoes. We hope you can find the useful information that help you purchase your next pair of boxing shoes. Once you have a pretty good idea of essential tips for the best boxing shoes, it's time to purchase a good pair.

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