What Are Punching Bags Filled With?

It often doesn’t even occur to new fighters that there can be different fillings to punching bags, who thinks about these things until they come to face-to-face with a punching bag?


The core of a punching bag is the most important part of the bag. You want a bag that is soft to hit and is smooth all round, it shouldn’t have any lumps or indents in it.

The best filling is cloth (fabric) as this allows the bag to remain even and compact across the whole length of the bag, instead of clumping together in sections, especially at the bottom, which happens if filled with other fillings such as sand, grain or sawdust. When this happens, you can cause damage to your hands, knuckles, wrists and shoulders along with muscle strain through repeated use. Punching bags filled with cloth provide a firm structure when punching but not too solid so that it damages your hands.

Better technology has allowed for foam section of a few inches on the inside of newer bags that creates a smooth consistent feel and provides significantly more protection.

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